Davide Caminati

Davide Caminati repositories (work in progress, sorry for dust)

Domotics Project

Advanced project for home automation

Schematics on Fritzing

Source code on github

Images domotics_1  domotics_2  domotics_3  domotics_4
Images  domotics_6   domotics_7  domotics_8

MC01 Project

Stretcher for people with disabilities that can rotate using eye movement

Schematics on Fritzing

Source code on GitHub,

3D models on Thingiverse

Video on YouTube


3d Printer Laser Autoleveling Project

Use computer vision to determine distance with high precision

Video on YouTube

Images  precision_CV_Laser_distance_1

Hardware Voice Recognition with Arduino

Shield for Voice recognition for Arduino

Schematics in Fritzing

Images domotics_5

Virtual Sand with Kinect

Create image over sand using projector and kinect

Source on GitHub
Images sabbiera_1  Sabbiera_2

IR-AudioSwitch for Samsung TV

Send IR code like a remote for switch between audio and audio comments for blindness people

Source code on Codebender
Schematics on Fritzing for Dump and for Sender
Images  IR_remote_1  IR_remote_2

PC Control device for audiobook or RSS feeds

Control box for blindness people  usefull to control computer 

Source code on Codebender
Schematics on Fritzing
Images PC_controller_1  PC_controller_2

My Driver Licence

Capture face using the computer camera and create a fake driver licence

Source in GitHub

Images patente-fronte_1

3d printed Quadpod

My quadpod project (suspended to create  esapod)

Images quadpod_1  quadpod_2  quadpod_3

3d printed Esapod

My esapod project

3D models on Thingiverse

Images esapod_1  esapod_2  esapod_3

Addressable rgb led stripe controlled with webcam

Rgb led follow who moves in front of  webcam

Source code on GitHub

Simple Arduino Ohm-meter

Use the Ohm's law to find the value of a resistor using Arduino

Source code on GitHub

Comunication bus i2c Arduino slave to Raspberry master

Simply i2c bus for comunication between RaspberryPi and multiple Arduinos

Original idea and code link
created by Peter Mount

Schematics and code on Fritzing

Images Raspberry2_Arduino_i2c_bus_1

Informatic room in secondary school of Thyolo in Malawi

Use a RaspberryPi as server for Wikipedia Offline, Khan academy and OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) book collection

based on Rachel Project (http://worldpossible.org/)

Images malawi_1  malawi_2  malawi_3  malawi_4